Eyebrow feathering/


(on promotion for $375 including touchup)

These 2 procedures both accomplish the same results using different techniques. Uses pigment and either a hand tool (microblading tool) or the Mosaic machine. 

Procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours.


* Touch up included after 4 weeks.

* Annual maintenance touch up 50% off.


Uses pigment and Mosaic machine. 

Procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Top eyeliner - $350

Top and bottom eyeliner - $500

Dramatic Eyeliner - $450

* Touch up included after 4 weeks.
* Annual maintenance touch up 50% off.

Lipliner contouring or full

Uses pigment and Mosaic machine.
Procedure takes 2 to 3 hours.

Full Lips - $800 (on promotion for $399)

Lip liner contouring - $500

* Touch-up on full lip contouring promotion price is NOT included ($200) 

* Annual maintenance touch-up is 50% of regular price.

What is skin/dry needling?

Skin/Dry Needling (For Mature Lines Reduction) up to 7 years.

Skin/Dry Needling creates tiny abrasions in your skin, and as your skin repairs itself, it produces Collagen in the Dermis (layer below surface) which plumps up the wrinkles and lines from the bottom up. Vit. A (helps promote and produce new cells) and Vit. C (helps promote and produce Collagen) are used during procedure for optimal results and are required for the healing period (7-10 days). 

3 to 5 sessions are required to continuously build new Collagen in the treated area. Results can last several years.

You will see results right after healing period, however the treated area will continue to heal and appear less and less wrinkled as time goes on, since complete Collagen production can take from 4 to 6 months. You can continue with your subsequent treatments during these 4 to 6 months, but You should always wait 6 to 8 weeks in between treatments.

Smoothing out age lines with skin / dry needling

- Can take up to 3-5 sessions, with a healing phase between each session

Dry needling

1 lines, 3 sessions  $400
2 lines, 3 sessions $700

3 lines, 3 sessions, $900 

Additional lines $150


* Concentrated Vitamin A and C are required for aftercare, available in stock.

* Additional lines are only applicable for package of 3 lines.

* Average line is 2 cms.


Package of 3

3 Lines, 3 Sessions

Reg. $900 — Promo $649

It Really Works!!!

On sale for you to try out!

Heat therapy

The term heat therapy encompasses several different procedures:

Vascular Lesions (broken capillaries), Brown Spots, Age Spots, Mole, freckle and skin tag removal

- Can usually be accomplished in just one session, with a healing phase required to see the final result 

Mole/Skin Tags Prices:

Small - $35

Medium - $60

Large - $85

XL - $115


Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

Frontal Scalp - $750

* 4 weeks touchup included.

Mid Section Scalp - $550

* 4 weeks touchup included.

Back of Scalp - $550

* 4 weeks touchup included.

All 3 Sections Combined - $1550

* 4 weeks touchup included.

Other Micropigmentation

30 Minute Session - $300

* 4 weeks touchup included.

1 Hour Session - $450

* 4 weeks touchup included.

2 Hour Session - $750

* 4 weeks touchup included.

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