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A Trusted Name in Calgary for Permanent Makeup Solutions

Wondering if there is an effortless way to look great at all times? With our various permanent makeup solutions catered to your unique needs, Belle Visage Permanent Makeup & Skin Revision help you achieve your beauty goals effortlessly. We are a premium location in Calgary for services like microblading, skin/dry needling, tattoo removal, nano brows, eyebrow shading and lip contouring. We are passionate about our job to provide exceptional aesthetic solutions with the latest techniques, professionalism, and the best products available on the market. Our aim is to make your experience at our clinic as pleasant as possible. Our staff members are friendly and will assist you in finding the right solution that suits your skin and meets your specifications. For any further queries, get in touch.

Discuss Your Concerns With Us

Whether you want an eyebrow feathering service or a tattoo removal service, come to us.

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